Δ Happy Autumn Equinox ∘ September 22, 2013 Δ

IMG: harvest Pumpkin Full Moon, Credaro-Italy, 19th September  2013

I’m seated under a tree at home. I’m thinking about this year. I was here in the same place last September ready to leave. And one year has passed, so fast so deep so inspiring, so full of experiences, love, opportunity,  blessing, gift, challenges, surprise,… I’m so grateful. And I’m off to another adventure.

I wish my life will always be like this, I wish I would always have the strength to follow my heart and my crazy intuition. I wish I grow every day, getting lost in the endless paths of life, naturally collapsing in life’s challenge.

So I think I’m building and shaping my future. I’m doing it every day. Well not in the conventional way, not in the way the modern society is telling us: I don’t have a permanent job, I’m not saving money, I m not working to buy a house and so on.. No I’m definitely not doing anything like that. But I feel quite enriched, I feel satisfied a lot, I do what I like, I like what I do, I love my jobs, I feel happy I guess. I get in touch and I attract beautiful people seeking the same in life. And it’s wonderfully inspiring.

Getting out from home, Italy, sadly, helped me to understand that there’s much much more in the world. I see people fighting for their life personal projects and it isn’t just about money money money money .. I believe I’m not in this world just to work,  get money and own a clean tidy house. So I keep wondering and floating whenever I need. This is for the ones who ask me -why don’t you settle down?- Well I have so much to learn about life and is impossible to me to do that working 12 hours per day in a not inspiring environment.. I’m quite jealous of people that can work for their personal growth still having a full time job . I wish I could to that too. But  I’m not ready yet.

My grandmother (well.. I have to say not MY grandmother but a typical italian grandmother) would say, you have good time! Yes I do grandma. I hope that I get lucky enough to have good time for the rest of my life, otherwise what’s life about? Getting stressed to satisfy  some one else? Oh that would be awful!

Anyway is not always so easy and simple to follow my dream, I leave people I love behind and I terribly miss them, I leave  homes and families.. my family and every family I meet in my journey .. I miss chances to live a quiet life (sometimes I think it would be easy), but I think is fair enough and worthy for now.

Today is autumn equinox time to balance and take rest after the harvest. I’ve reaped so much this year. It’s time to be gentle and kind to myself. I have been working hard… putting myself  and my chaotic ideas out into the world; now is the time to pause, breath, an  go within, and take stock of how far I have come. Time to honour my inner journey, rebalancing  and notice the seeds I have planted and how they are  blossoming.

When we give from our heart, we animate the entire Universe. We are participating in the exchange, in the giving and receiving: that is nature’s and universe’s rules and it’s an expression of yin and yang energies.

It’s time to work for the others then, it’s time to hold the space to the Cambodian Mothers and Babies and to share gratitude, love and compassion to the world. Oh yes I’m so ready! Im getting getting more and more excited every day.


I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you,

and that you will work them,

water them with your blood and tears and your laughter

till they bloom, till yourself burst into bloom.

Clarissa Pinkola Estès


love & light

Virginia OΔ

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