We are being asked to honor the gifts of womankind

Today I pray for womankind. Because there is still so much violence against women.

Their bodies are violated, their rights, their life, their choices, their births, their vaginas, their desires, their dreams, their inspiration, their marriages, their children, their freedom, their expression, their spirit, their souls, their mind, their heart,.. yes, women are raped in so many ways.

So I pray, I ask women to gather their intentions, their love, their blessings. Today, imagine to be seated in a endless circle of women, we hold the space to each other, we spread love and empathy.

“We are being asked to honour the gifts of womankind and to call on the strength of our sisters in order to discover ourselves. The circle will come full when every human can see the beauty within the Self, as well as in all others. The transmutation of competition, separateness, hierarchy, jealousy, envy, manipulation, control, selfishness, greed, dependency, old wounds, and self-rightousness must be accomplished before we will come to wholeness. These attitudes are the enemies of humankind and are found within the Shadow-self, rather than outside ourselves.”

“As more women take their roles in the modern world of corporations and business, they often find themselves losing touch with the feminine. This is almost expected since the corporate work force is dominated by men. The role models of the ancient clan mothers can assist these modern women in maintaining their sense of Self and enable them to become leaders through example rather than through competition, backstabbing, or conquest, but the challenge to accomplish these goals depends upon the strength of the Sisterhood.”

“Women must support other women in a way that allows those who chose difficult paths to learn to call upon their sisters, maintaining the understanding of who they are and what they can become. In this manner we can also support the development of the female aspect in our male counterparts, and then pass the legacy of wholeness to all of our children.”

~ Jami Sams , The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

women from india, Bombay 2013

IMG_7693 IMG_8231

women from Indonesia, Bali 2012





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