Volunteering in Cambodia as a midwife

Dear friends from all over the world

Now I live in London, a difficult city to live, full of positive and negative energies. I met amazing people and even here I have found a family I love. This complicates things…

A couple of months ago I had a really tough week. I felt overwhelmed by London, so I visualized a quiet place to live and work as midwife. Well, visualization has enormous power, in fact the next day I received an email from a midwife with whom I was in touch, who told me that she needed midwives in Cambodia. I thought oh wow… that was quick.

I thought about it a bit… to be honest not much… a day… and I realized that maybe is not the right time for me to stay in London now, so I decided to leave and travel again, for a while.

I’m going to be a volunteer midwife in a rural area of Cambodia.

I have been invited to work with a health centre in Prey Vehear Village where I will be attending to up to 40 births per month, prenatal and postatal check up. This village has no running water, no electricity, very few medical facilities and transport to the nearest hospital is difficult.

I will have the pleasure to work with Women’s Health Cambodia. (WHC) is an NGO working in regional Cambodia with health centres and villages. Working with the Cambodian Department of Health, Women’s Health Cambodia equips and staffs a network of regional health centres in and around Takeo, a town south of Phnom Penh.Registered as a charity in 2011, Women’s Health Cambodia is run by a team of local Cambodian midwives, providing prenatal care, general health services, midwifery birthing care as well as post natal care.

Part of my role in going to this village will also be sharing my knowledge with the local midwives and pregnant women, equipping them with broader understanding of delivery, pre and post natal care. The project care about villages and the local people’s right to live how they choose; is respectful of their needs and wants, and don’t impose any religious beliefs, western standards or expectations that are not asked for. Im going there to develop skills, enhance lives and improve health

I am passionate about facilitating gentle and where possible joyful deliveries of babies. Creating a caring environment for the mother and a peaceful welcome into the world for the child.

I am leaving on the 30th September and need to raise further funds to contribute to the work, the travel costs, food and accommodation and my eventual return home in several months.


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