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HOME – BERGAMO – March2012

” The search for security is an illusion. In ancient wisdom traditions , the solution to this whole dilemma lies in the wisdom of insecurity, or the wisdom of uncertainty “.

What is the certainty? It is nothing but our past, it can be a prison which affects us, there is no evolution in the past.

The uncertainty is fertility, creativity and freedom; it means jump every day in  the “unknown”. It ‘s a field of possibilities, freshness, dreams, alive manifestations. This means that in every moment of your life you will have excitement, adventure, mystery.

When there is uncertainty, probably you’re on the right way.

I didn’t have a complete image of what I would have done. I just knew what to me was certain: I wasn’t expressing myself as I wanted. The life I was living  was fine since that moment. I needed space, I was so inspired but I couldn’t spread all the thing I had inside. I didn’t need to know ​​what I would have done the next week or next year, if you have a very clear idea of what is going to happen you become rigid, and we stick to the programs closing out the door a whole range of possibilities. I was stuck and I start panicking.

I was feeling good just when i was in the green,  did long bike rides,I spent hours lying on the grass looking at the clouds passing slow… I gather with women  and one day I sat under a tree, as my mentor midwifes suggest me, it was during a shamanic retreat.. and the answer came instantly, clear, softly and gently.

I jumped in uncertainty.

I could’t stay over, it was time to spend time with myself and find a way to express myself; I thought about this quote very often, taken from From Deepak Chopra , The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

” From today I want that uncertainty is an essential ingredient of my experience. In my willingness to accept uncertainty can give solutions to emerge spontaneously. Through the wisdom of uncertainty , I will find my security “.

I found something I did not expect . I raised my head and looked at what I had forgotten and what I had put aside. Perhaps I had reached enough strength to face what I was fearing.

I thought it was a nightmare at first .

But I couldn’t decide not to see things. I accepted my dark side, my hidden desires and I have melted them with my bright side. I lifted the mask, I looked behind my face, my fear wasn’t an external enemy, it was just insecurity.

” You are on the path … exactly where you are meant to be right now … And from here , you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love”.

Caroline Adams Miller

I rediscovered home, the places of my childwood, my trees, my stream, my woods , my room, my family . I felt welcomed, it was a good start to begin the rebirth. To be born at home, it’s an advantage : it makes the start sweeter, the scents caress you , sounds reassure you, Mom cuddle you, you think you’re in a good place and you want to start living – again.

As it  happens to children, when you feel secure and safe, you have the courage and the desire to go : I started thinking I had to leave. And I left.

” Expand your horizons . Move beyond the normal and mediocre to the extraordinary . Be daring . Ride the waves of life with enthusiasm , passion , and freedom in your heart . Open your arms wide and receive the opportunities That life is presenting you . Be lighthearted . You have much to offer the world . You deserve the very best . Your destiny awaits you , skip towards it  “


Jayme Barrett, Feng Shui Your Life

Virginia OΔ

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