Sofia’s Birth

I had the biggest honor and blessing to being able to welcome my cousin’s baby girl to the earthside!

This is me, Federica, My sister Angela and Andrea – Federica’s brother. We used to travel in a campervan during our holidays. I think I was 7 in this photo.

Baby Sofia landed gently into my arms on the 9th of July.

Labour started soft in the afternoon, we walked on the lakefront, we made a birthday cake, we also ate the cake for dinner..

At the moon rise, waves of energy came through more often and intense, Federica danced with them surrounded by love and trust that everything was going as it was supposed to go. I whispered her :

“Sofia will come when you and her are ready to meet each other”

Baby Sofia took her time to come to the earth side…

I encouraged Federica to call her out when she was ready…

Finally at the rythm of this song her head gently appeared…

The river is flowing
flowing and growing
the river is flowing
to the ocean

Mother earth carry me
always will be a your child
Mother earth carry me
to the ocean

Flow, flow, the river of the life
always goes flowing
always goes growing
to the ocean

Abuela Malinalli 

My hands were humble,

my intentions for her in that moment were love, faith and peace.


In an instant, my job, the guardian at the gateway, came to the end; standing with open arms at the doorway of life is such an honour.


I’m here for you dearest soul

you are welcomed on the earth side


My wish for you, is to be true to your path in life,

Look inside for the answers,

You are always Loved!

And soon she was where she belonged, on her Mother’s Heart.

I felt humble and touched and wide open to love and life.

At home I was still floating, and up in the sky…

I believe Mother is taken back to the earth and starts the process of grounding when they birth the placenta and when they feed the baby for the first time.

Mother instinct kicks in, you see them in deep love and in another dimension maybe.. but they are fully present and ready to protect their baby for the rest of their life.

As a midwife I found grounding after a Birth sometimes difficult, birthworks is hard, especially if your heart is fully involved, you travel with the woman cross across the universe .. a sort of spaceless and timeless journey.

Creating altars and sacred spaces is my way to show my humble gratitude and ground again to the earth.

I build Sofia’s birth altar, with a few things I always carry when I travel:


Mother Mary

The Full Moon


My travel clay Mother

A Snake skin I found in the garden a few days before 


My Grounding Meditation that night was:

I’m a tree my roots go down deep to the earth, I know I’m held now. Earth is below me.

My branches expand up in the universe and so my crown .
Sky above me

My heart bursts with love and gratitude and my soul is whole
Fire within me.

I had a shower:

Water helped me to let go: rivers of emotions, tears, love, joy

And the Earth holding me again.

Thank you Federica, Damiano and Sofia for letting me be by your side during this journey


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