Shine on Harvest Moon

Pisces FullMOON, Harvest MOON, 9th ClanMOTHER 

This year, every months, every moon cycle I have been inspired by this lovely book:

The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood  by  Jamie Sams.

Its about Women, MOON Cycles and  Ancient Mother;  J. Sams teach us how to honour and incorporate native feminine wisdom into our daily lives months by months, mother by mother, through wonderful and magic tales, touching poetries and wise stories passed down woman to woman. Here below the blessing for the 9th clan Mother:


Keeper of tomorrow’s dreams,

Mother of the star-filled night,

Show me how to live my truth

And bring my dream to light.


Teach me how to use my will,

Living the truth I find within,

Discovering all the parts of me

Where light and shadow blend.


Let me sing the song of future

With concern for what will be,

upholding all of nature’s law

For creatures, stones and trees.


Mother, I see you in the sunset

and I hear you in the rain.

You tech me inner knowing

Through your heart’s sweet refrain.

The 13 original Clan Mothers,  Jamie Sams


Sitting sun woman is the 9th clan mother, the keeper of tomorrow’s dreams and goals, the guardian of the needs of the next 7 generation.

We are in the middle of the The harvest moon

Summer is over, It’s time to harvest what we have sown this year, so look back at what you have done this year, what you have become and bless yourself for the good work you have done! You have grown and growth can be painful so be gentle with your self.    The moon will show you how to be compassionate with yourself and the other. Compassion is the manifestation of a type of unconditional love that can not ask for anything in return. In Eastern religions, including the Buddhist, which translates it jihi, is the universal love for humankind. Compassion then is like feeling enlightened. A capacity of the human being who has risen from the emotional world to a very much deeper way to feel.

Pisces FullMoon is magical. It brings imagination, creativity and spirituality.. This moon teach us how to preserve and use our resource without wasting anything. Don’t limit your self to the 5 sense, explore your sensitivity and TRUST what your heart is telling you, TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

What’s your will? How can you meet your goals? How can you use your intent and your visualisations? How to live the truth?

One way or another the universe is conspiring to provide you with what you need. You may not win the lottery. However, you are getting a push in the right direction. The support you receive is to empower you on your life path destiny.

Kelley Rosano

Have faith and be open to receive what comes on your path.

FullMoon Blessing & Love


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