Placenta Remedies

When we heal the women we heal Mother Earth- so my job is to hold space for women and mothers during their journey through opening and healing.

As Midwife I’ve always been in love with Placenta, “the forgotten chakra”; I always offer a placenta print during my daily job as a midwife.

I do believe the Placenta holds an incredible energy and fantastic healing properties so I started offering Placenta remedies in 2017 when I’ve trained in Brighton with Sally Cropper.

I believe our body as an innate capability to heal itself, Placenta can help and support you during post natal period.

Placenta remedies have been reported by mothers to:

  • reduce post­birth bleeding quickly
  • encourage a quick and healthy milk supply
  • balance hormonal peaks and drops
  • reduce stress levels
  • prevent the baby blues and postnatal depression
  • boost energy to cope with a busy day after little sleep
  • improve the appearance of skin/hair/nails

The placenta benefits a healing mother after birth in many forms.  Placenta smoothies, capsules, creams, tinctures, essences and homeopathic remedies can all be made using the placenta; each may have their own benefit to the body and encourage a quicker more natural recovery after birth.

Visit Placena remedyes network pages to find out more how your placenta can benefit you.

I am based Brighton, I cover the South East and West Sussex, I’m happy to drive an hour from Brighton. I can collect placentas from Royal Sussex (Brighton),Princess Royal, Crowborough birth center, Pembury hospital, Worthing Hospital.

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Training & Certification

Information provided by IPEN Placenta Network, Professional Training in Placenta Services
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