What we used to need might not be what we really need

Drawing: dark Cambodia – 4th October 2013, Sihanoukville, CAMBODIA

When the sun sets at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, suddenly everything becomes black. Like a dark wave that invades the village and rice paddies. Life turns off until sunrise. So here, in the village we use to follow sun’s cycle. The needs in this world are totally different.

What we used to need might not be what we really need.

So, here in Cambodia, I had to adjust my needs.
I need to sleep, no matter where; I need to eat, no matter what : there is rice, vegetables, and chicken. There’s a lovely woman who cooks for us every day, preparing delicious dishes. Khemer people eat whatever is edible to eat: I stopped to think about what is good for my body and I quit the vegan diet. I need to wash myself somehow, I need to drink, preferably clean water (for us is quite simple to buy bottled water).

I’ve become conscious that my personal needs and goals have to align with Themselves needs and goals of this society . This means dare to step outside the norm or my comfort zone and reach for something new and stimulating.

Today is the New Moon in Libra and its a really helpful one. The moon loves us enough to help us release the old and build on the new, she will encourage us to be true to ourselves and open to the Other.

” The opportunity this month is for creating a new relationship with the environment that is based on cooperation with it rather than a need to know, control and resist. Be delighted with the irregularity and eccentricity of your environment rather in fear or resistance. Make sure all of your plans include enough flexibility to accommodate surprises and anomalies”. 

Lena Stevens 

Well, this sound perfect to me!


Virginia OΔ

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