Mothers, take Him to a peaceful place


It was a quiet sunny morning, as I went up on the tuc tuc I remembered I had left my Mothers necklace at home but I though I didn’t need it.

We arrived at the health center. The prenatal room was full of pregnant women. As I do every morning, I told them to wait outside, and explained the midwife about privacy. I was checking a health mum almost full term, when Saron, the midwife, asked me to check this other woman.

I went to the delivery room and she was lying on the bed, bleeding, not heavily but not even slightly.  I asked for the last period but she didn’t remember it. Seemed to be around 30 weeks.

I checked the heartbeat; it was going like a slow shamanic drum. My heart frozen out, it happened to me before to hear that bloody sound but I was next door to the surgery room. The closest hospital in his case was 1 hour away.

I tried not to panic, I felt like I had to give up with the baby, it was sadly neat, I couldn’t do anything for him but let it happened and concentrate my positive caring energy on the mother, and try to keep her safe and alive.

I called back Sylvie and Saron and we managed to call the ambulance. We explained the mother her baby was in trouble and since she was bleeding we needed to transfer her to the district hospital. She looked a bit upside down, not connected and lost. She told us that in the past pregnancy she lost the baby.

The atmosphere was matt, and heavy and the ambulance took a wile to arrive. We checked her blood pressure several time and it was quite high. It happens to me that in this situation I become really cold and I require everyone to be organized and connected and grounded. At the same time I was struggling to give the mother the more positive and loving attention I could. We jumped on the ambulance and the bleeding stayed about the same for all the bumpy way to the hospital, the blood pressure was getting low though, we speeded up the IV fluid and I prayed a lot for the mom to be stable. We never checked again the baby, the mood was already pretty fearful and tense, I knew he had left us on the way. I was very sad.

When we arrived, the hospital team didn’t seem to be much concerned. I was worried. I was rushing everyone and they were unbelievably slow. The doctor took the woman to the scan room and asked everyone to stay outside. When he was done, I went close to the women and showed her all my compassion and love, she was crying slightly, just I few teardrops on her face. I held her hand and hugged her soul tight.

While we where waiting her to enter the surgery room, I whispered her how strong and brave she was, I caressed her softly and smiled to reassure her, but then I remembered her baby was died, and her previous baby too, so I felt incredibly touched and sad and I was amazed by her peaceful eyes and by her strength.  I cried tears of respect and admiration.

After a while she came out from the surgery room, she was pale but safe and she needed a blood transfusion.

I begged the nurses the doctor, everyone in the hospital, to let the family see their son. At the end they allowed us. A nurse showed us this tiny baby boy. He was bluish, wrapped in a colorful cambodian cloth, he had a lot of dark hair and he had the cleft palate. His dad looked at him for just a few minutes. They didn’t want to take him home because they believed the ghosts took him in the hospital, so they were worried that if they would have taken the baby home the ghosts would have gone with them too.

I knew they have strong tradition believes, I was sad anyway for this baby. I placed my hands on him and I prayed with all my heart. I asked the mothers to take him in a peaceful place and to look after him. I sent him love. I told him his mother was very lucky to have someone so very pure come and stay with her, even for such a short time. I blessed him and surrounded his heart and his spirit with bright light. I thanked his soul for getting in touch with me.

In the way back home I was looking outside the window in a grey mood, even if all around me was bright sunny, green and beautiful. All of a sudden a big beautiful butterfly came in and posed on my hand. It stayed the entire journey in the car with me, occasionally flying here and there. It cheered me up and lifted the energy high. I though it must be the baby spirit who was taking advantage of a ride back home. And so it was, the butterfly flew away when we were driving through the village. I felt good and relieved, I was happy and grateful the baby could rest in peace at home with his family.


We’ve found out later, during the postnatal visit that the woman was drinking 6 or even more cans of energy drink. Unfortunately, the multinationals brands are doing a very well done promotion and obviously unethical about this product. People (who eats little and works so much) when they drink this stuff feel much better and develops a certain addiction to this drug which causes many side effects in the short and long term. For more information abut why you should avoid energy drink:

We are educating kids in schools, pregnant women, and families after the birth not to use it. But unfortunatly this thing .. makes you feel high, it’s cheap, and multinationals as usual are taking advantages. Meanwhile, in our small reality two children are dead and a woman had a placental abruption and heavy bleeding.

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