I was looking into my files and writings this morning.. and I found this precious story and many other that reminded me how lucky I am. I read all my birth stories again and again and felt very grateful  and a bit nostalgic.

Birth is magic, I’ve been reminded I’m doing the most amazing job in the world. Here is Luna’s story, I can still feel the bright light in the room if i close my eyes.


Luna slipped out her mum’s womb softly,  plump and her face round and perfect as the moon. Her mother kept beaming like a star in between every contraction. She was very shining and calm, also the sun shone bright but light and soft that morning. That was her 3rd birth, smooth and quick.

I was with Sokna and Saron, Mama was laboring since early morning, as soon I got tho the health centre she was ready to give birth.  We stayed in the Prenatal room, she was laying on her side when she felt the baby pushing. Quietly we got ready with all we needed for the birth and I encouraged mommy to bear down if she felt like.

The atmosphere was really peaceful and serene, we were all in a very calm mood. I sat next to her and I waited Luna to come to the world.  Mommy  pushed ever so gently and lightly, she did a real good job. Luna’s head would move on a little bit each pushes, and Mama would breath all the pain and the efforts out so much that she was enjoying the whole thing.

Luna tried to turn first on the right then on the left side and then  popped out slowly. She had round chubby cheeks, straight after, came the whole body rolling. She held out her arms to welcome the world,

I catch her and looked in her eyes, she was looking at me in that amazing way, it was one of that wise deep sight. I could see the universe through her and I could feel clean weavy vibration; the warmness of her welcome made us feel instantly happy and whole.

Her mum was still quiet and slightly smiling when I placed Luna on her breast. They asked me to name the little girl. I felt humble and honoured. I thought at her round face and the white bright light that she was still spreading and her still peacefulness and a said “Luna” ! They repeated the name like they were testing it and seemed satisfied.   Then I thought about the violet lily water floating undisturbed in the placid pond and I suggest “Lily” .

They named her Luna, with my infinite pleasure. Luna and her mother  had that sacred heavenly looking all day long, I felt nurtured and healed watching them.




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