in Trees

To my dearest menthor midwives who have taught me to listen to the wise whispering of trees


I’ve been to siem riep last weekend. It is in the north of cambodia where all the temples are. While everyone  were cueing to go inside the temple I was wandering and getting lost in the woods around. I was enchanted by trees, amazing, massive old trees.

The trees looked vibrant and beautiful and uge. Everyone’s had to be impressed  with their beauty. We paced our breathing together and I relaxed: all was calm, peaceful smooth and still. I was feeling spiritually inspired from the scenary around me it seems like the perfect place to be. I felt like there was no space or time barrier. I was very grateful to be there. I felt so much life force, almost like when I’m about to catch a baby.


All these tree looked like vaginas (maybe I’ve overworked). They reminded me to be open and take everything comes on my life path.


They looked so wise and ancient and I knew I had to listen, just sit and listen and all the answers would have come straight to my heart. I was sharing the energy  coming from the earth with the tree, I felt refreshed and livened up. I had a really precious time in trees.

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It happend to me before, during one of the darkest time of my life. It was during a shamanic journey,  I had been asked to sit under a tree and listen; I was going through a personal crisis… after I sat on the tree’s root the crisis turned out into an awakening. I saw the path I neded to walk through.  After that sunny day up on a hill near my home town the connection between my soul and the tree’s spirit has been unlocked. Now I’m one of those weird treehugger and I encourage everyone to connect with them.

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  Alone with myself

The Trees bend to caress me

 The shade hugs my heart.

Candy Polgar


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