Hospital Birth (baby in bregma)

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Still high and exhausted after the full day, I forgot I have to look after to another woman.


She’s very young and beautiful. This was her first baby. She has been 7-8 cm dilatated for a while, she was cooping well with pain and labor, walking around a lot and changing position really often. But seemed not to progress any further.


I was thinking the baby maybe is in the back position. We had some rest and the contraction stayed about the same until late night, when she started feeling the baby head pushing occasionally; we checked out: she was not fully yet so we had her to stay all four and move the pelvis as much as she could.


She was feeling a lot of pain and pressure in her low back.

Her husband was just lovely, and supporting her during every rushes. They were squatting together and he would squeeze her every time she needed. It’s hard to see that here in Cambodia. And her family was very helpful and cheerful too, even too much. They were talking so loud sometimes that I had to tell them to be quiet, but the women wouldn’t hear me and they would keep telling each other their birth stories, and laughing loudly. They were having a lot of fun.


When I checked the woman again, I felt the baby’s head deflected still in the back position and the water bag in front of the head really full of liquid (it happens sometimes when the head is in the wrong position) and the cervix was still not fully opened, but she was pushing anyway.

Since the situation wasn’t progressing has we were expecting, Sarong and me thought it was better to transfer the woman to the hospital. We gave her a little bit more time, and Saron broke the membranes. She was pushing in all the different possible positions, but the head never moved really further so we called the ambulance.

It was 3 in the morning when we left. I wasn’t really worried ’cause I knew what was the matter and the baby was ok. The ride on the ambulance was pretty much funny. This strong woman who has been pushing for hours, she was still pushing on the super bumpy way to the hospital. She was working really hard. And the baby progressed a little more, until he got crowned.

Oh god, the ride was a kind of up and down for one hour, like being on a roller coaster. And the head stayed half inside half outside for all the way and I couldn’t have the woman to stop pushing because of course the feeling was very strong and irrepressible. So I held this tiny head with my hand and ask the baby to help us and he would respond all the time with a super reassuring heartbeat rate. I was feeling positive despite the situation. The energy waves that the baby was sending me were good and I could see deeply the life power of this amazing mum.

I thought we just needed to do an episiotomy and the baby would have popped out but Saron preferred to wait.

We got to the hospital. The staff there was rough as this morning. They put her on the bed. And ask her to push in a really rude way. I tried to tell them that the baby was stuck there since a long time. A student was attending the birth, she was doing all the procedures not nicely and quiet mechanically. I would have smiled at her all the time she glimpsed at me and told her to be gentle and delicate. But I was alone there and she probably didn’t understand what I was saying.  She did an episiotomy and within 2-3 more hard pushes the baby GIRL slowly popped out facing up (still in the back position) with a really puffy long head.

She had a bump on her head that confirmed that the head was deflected and she came out in bregma. Also the cord was quite short.

The mummy was ecstatic this time and smiling and spreading joy all over the room. And she was looking carefully with eyes in love to her daughter. I was so glad to see her so happy. It is the first time here that I see a woman like this after giving birth.

And I was amazed, I mean she pushed for 3 or more hours with so much effort and she had never given up for a second, and she made it., I told her I was very proud and I sniffed her and she laughed slightly, then the mother came in and I had to leave.

I kissed her loud this time and told her “akun akun akun, you are so brave and ma laooo (good mother) and you did a very good job”.

The midwives were still working down there, not in a gentle way. But she was so high and in love that she wouldn’t care about them.

I was high too.. And grateful and proud. The life force was squeezing and hugging me tight and lifted my spirit up. And then came a sense of wholeness and I felt good and peaceful and I finally fell asleep on the ambulance on the way back home and had some colourful happy dreams.



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