Dear Robin, I have so much respect for your work, I send you much love and prayers.

Please help Ibu Robin if you can, this mothers and babies need help.



In Response to the Philippine Disaster ~ Bumi Sehat Foundation International & WADAH Foundation  are working together: On October 15th 2013 a 7.2 earthquake devastated the island of Bohol, Cebu and surrounding communities were reduced to rubble. November 8, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan aka, Yolanda, the deadliest storm to ever make landfall in human history, destroyed the Central Philippines.

Yolanda’s winds of 235 kmh, gusts reaching 275 kmh, 15.75 inches of rain, waves surging as high as 15 meters (45 ft.), has claimed the lives of at least 10,000 people, more fatalities have still not been counted. Bumi Sehat with a WADAH team on the ground, is organizing now, to bring relief to the hardest hit areas. Nutritious protein rich food is needed NOW, as the survivors are starving. Essential medicines are also needed, NOW.

When pregnant women cease to have food, water and shelter, their BP rises, and babies come prematurely or are stillborn. Risks of eclampsia, claiming the lives of mothers, increases. The only way to prevent this is to feed and care for them. Team Bumi Sehat was an early responder to the Tsunami in Aceh, and earthquakes in Jyogja, Padang & Haiti. This is not our first Rodeo. Disaster relief focusing on Mother & Child Health is what we do best. First, we must help to organize food and shelter.

Yes, Ibu Robin Lim is Filipino, and she is going Home to deliver relief. Bumi Sehat/ WADHA/Ibu Robin’s critical efforts now are focused on bringing easy to distribute food (nutritious and need not be cooked, hygienically packaged ie protein bars, etc), and essential medicines and supplies. Dr. Laura Sachel is sending us a “Solar Suitcase”. Our partners on the ground are already feeding people, since the earthquake. Please help, earmark your donation for the Philippines:


List of essential Medicines needed by Bumi Sehat /WADHA For the Central Philippines ~ Note our focus is Maternal and Child Health, including Childbirth. We will be sending these to our contacts in Cebu Anti hemorrhage medicines:

  • Pitocin injectable
  • Misoprostol in 200 mg pill form (this is the most effective and need not be injected, perfect for TBAs in the field)
  • Antibiotics: Amoxicilliin 250mg and 500 pills,  Amoxicillin liquid suspension for children Ciprofloxin 500 (especially needed for typhoid), Fluloxacillin 500 mg,  Augmentin 1.2 g IV,  Cefoxitin 1 g IV,  Muprirocin (Bactroban ointment SUPER IMPORTAN
  • WOUND SUPPLIES, anything available to clean and dress wounds.
  • Gloves both sterile and non sterile (majority of Filipino medics use size 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 (but any size will due in a pinch)
  • Suture ~ all sizes, Chromic, Vicril, etc. prefer dissolvable, as patients coming in don’t always come back for removal.
  • Lidocaine: 2% injectable 1% is also ok Lidocaine or Xylocaine pump spray Syringes and Needle (disposable) sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc Pre-injection (alcohol) swabs OCHA

Situation Report No. 5 on Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda), dated 11 November 2013 developed in collaboration with humanitarian partners.


• 9.8 million people are affected by Typhoon Haiyan in nine regions across the Philippines. • Coordination hubs are established in Tacloban City and Roxas City.

• Immediate needs are emergency shelter, food and water and sanitation. • Telecommunications are re-established in most affected areas.


➢ Based on government estimates of affected people on 10 November, about 95,270 pregnant and 190,540 lactating women (up to 6 months of lactation) need specialized services for prenatal, postnatal, child health, health promotion and family planning services. In the evacuation centres, there are an estimated 4,660 pregnant and 8,990 lactating women.

➢ Health service delivery points for emergency obstetric and neonatal care are needed due to damaged health facilities. Response:

➢ Two reproductive health field personnel deployed to Tacloban City and Eastern Samar. Additional personnel will participate in rapid needs assessments in Roxas City and Aklan province.

➢ Medicines, hygiene and 1,350 dignity kits, seven RH kits were pre-positioned for deployment.

Gaps & Constraints:

➢ There is a lack of comprehensive data on reproductive health needs in all affected areas including a more defined listing of pregnant and lactating women (including adolescents) inside and outside evacuation centres.

All reports can be found on Humanitarian Response Website Philippines

Additional information can be found on the Virtual On Site Operations Coordination Centre

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards



Medical Officer, Global Health Cluster Secretariat Emergency Risk Management and Humanitarian Response World Health Organization


direct: +41 22 791 4528

Fax direct: +41 22 791 4844

Mobile: +41 79 475 5532

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