My name is Virginia, I’m a Midwife and a Medicine Woman.
I’ve started working with womens in 2009 when I become a Midwife; I’m passionate about Shamanic midwifery, healing natural remedies, placenta encapsulations, Mindful and non violent nutrition, Mother earth, Yoga, Rituals and Ceremonies.

I’m currently working for the NHS in Brighton community.

As Well as Midwifery consultation, I offer Intuitive Healings that include various knowledge, learnt through different trainings and passions.

I believe our body as an innate capability to heal itself, I encourage every Woman’s heart to trust that power within, and then the magic happens and energies unfold. I love holding space for womens and mothers during their journey through opening and healing.

I’ve started my path into subtle energy and body energy works started in Bali in 2012 when I had a training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and later I had my Reiki I and II in 2013.

I then trained with Sophie Messager  in january 2016 as a Bone Closer, I feel very connected to this ritual and I love it. It merges many of my passions: energies, sacred rituals, and the journey of motherhood. When I’ve offered this massage I felt whole and connected to the Healing Mothers as never before.

By listening to our body and the rhythm of mother earth we start listening to our intuition and our Heart. When we listen to our Heart we become truly open to what life is willing to give us, we vibrate to higher frequencies, attract creativity, light, abundance and we reclaim our feminine Power.

When we heal the women we heal Mother Earth.

My intent is to promote  an attitude of deep listening to the body and its innate knowledge in order to activate internal resources and become open and receptive to every changes in our life.

What can I do for you?






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