A smooth Birth


I headed back to the health center after saying goodbye to the butterfly. Two happy laboring women welcomed me.


They both were outside in the garden; the energy was quiet and cheerful. I’ve found out later that they are friends and neighbours. All the families were there, cheering them up, cooking and supporting them. It was pretty funny: they were going to the rushes together and squatting at the same time and occasionally had a wee together of course.  This happy atmosphere lightened me up after the heavy morning at the hospital. We hanged out the all afternoon; it was a pretty sunny day, not too hot it was also very peaceful; the whole thing was very relaxed. I had a shower and the midwife and me had dinner together.

IMG_1345 IMG_1363

After the sunset one of the mommy seemed to be almost ready to give birth. Her contractions started coming real fast and heavy. She decided to lie down on the floor. She looked like she was holding back a little bit, her tiptoes were lifted up and she was rolling a bit from side to side during the contraction. I told her if she needed to push to go ahead.

The next contraction rolled through her and she began to push her baby out. The water broke and splashed everywhere. We could see the wet and wrinkly head working on getting out each pushes.

When the head was almost out I told the woman to slow down a little bit. The midwife and the grandmothers were rushing everything so Trish, the midwife who was there with me told them to be patient and quiet.  Mama was absolutely brilliant in not pushing the baby out. I was showing the khmer midwife how to manage a hands of second stage, well quite easy cause we just needed to be patient and don’t touch the vagina every second or the baby head.

The head stayed crowned for one or two contractions, we could see the tissues stretching beautifully. With the next contraction the baby popped out softly slowly and gently, and straight after first came the tiny hand, which was on her cheek, then the elbow and all her body. The sound of the baby girl coming to the world, crying filled the room. A sense of joy and peace pervaded my spirit that evening, I felt high again.


I’ve managed to keep the placenta attached to the baby as long as I could. The mommy was feeling good so no one pushed me to clamp the cord. The woman gave birth to the placenta and the baby was still connected. I let the midwife stitch the woman and I took the baby on the bed to check her up. Nobody was bothering us; I was enjoying this lotus baby and letting her enjoying her precious placenta soul sister. I cutted the cord one hour later when mommy was ready to breastfeed her newborn baby girl.


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